Holy Weather Pattern Batman

Holy Weather Pattern Batman

Wow, as if the surrounding counties haven’t ben hit enough by floods

Yesterday County dispatch paged out a flood watch for our county until
0700 this morning. I checked NOAA All Hazards Radio (for those of you who
don’t have one, GET ONE! it could save your life someday.) and found out
that our entire area was under one.

Sometime this morning Indiana State Patrol paged out for a flood warning
in Randolph county. That’s just north of us. That county has been hit hard
the past couple of weeks. Last week was really bad and there are still
places without power.

This afternoon Dispatch pages out again, extending the flood watch to 1900
tomorrow. Then my pager goes off with a wind advisory for tonight into
tomorrow morning.

I’m telling you, something is going on with the ecosystem, and I’m getting
worried. It’s 64 degrees in Indiana in January and they’re calling for 6
this weekend and more snow. Something’s just not right. Luckily, I guess,
considering the 1:10″ rain to snow ratio, it wasn’t ugly white stuff or
we’d be buried in another 2.5 feet of it.

Say a prayer for those people who still don’t have power. If they don’t
have it before the temp drops, it’s going to get nasty.

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