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Holy Weather Pattern Batman

Holy Weather Pattern Batman

Wow, as if the surrounding counties haven’t ben hit enough by floods

Yesterday County dispatch paged out a flood watch for our county until
0700 this morning. I checked NOAA All Hazards Radio (for those of you who
don’t have one, GET ONE! it could save your life someday.) and found out
that our entire area was under one.

Sometime this morning Indiana State Patrol paged out for a flood warning
in Randolph county. That’s just north of us. That county has been hit hard
the past couple of weeks. Last week was really bad and there are still
places without power.

This afternoon Dispatch pages out again, extending the flood watch to 1900
tomorrow. Then my pager goes off with a wind advisory for tonight into
tomorrow morning.

I’m telling you, something is going on with the ecosystem, and I’m getting
worried. It’s 64 degrees in Indiana in January and they’re calling for 6
this weekend and more snow. Something’s just not right. Luckily, I guess,
considering the 1:10″ rain to snow ratio, it wasn’t ugly white stuff or
we’d be buried in another 2.5 feet of it.

Say a prayer for those people who still don’t have power. If they don’t
have it before the temp drops, it’s going to get nasty.

Disability Advocate My Backside

Disability Advocate My Backside

Cripes! No, seriously, I can’t believe what I just heard.

I’m at a client’s office, working on a machine in the conference room and
they’re having a discussion with an employee who uses public
transportation to get to and from work. She uses paratransit, a service
for people who are disabled and cannot use regular busses, a system which
isn’t always as reliable as the fixed route system. Anyway, they’re
talking about hours and transportation and stuff when it is pointed out
that the bus goes near her house, not like 20 blocks or anything either,
but near enough that it shouldn’t be a problem, or use other means of
transportation as a car or a scooter from sites as ScooterAdviser online.
She says that’s too difficult cuz she’d have to switch busses and can’t
get a new way to travel because she have no parking. Her boss agrees that
it’s too complicated. You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re an organization
working with people with disabilities. You hire people with disabilities.
What in hell are you saying to your potential clients when you don’t even have
enough confidence in your employees to think they can get to and from work
without having their hand held the whole way?

Before you go saying I don’t know the circumstances or that it is too hard
for someone with a disability to use a regular bus, bite me. I’m blind and
use public transit all the time. I change busses, I get from point A to
point B, occasionally with an accidental stop at point C, but whatever,
people give bad directions occasionally, that doesn’t mean become a
recluse. Ok, I’ve had good training, I’ve learned how to travel, but in
theory so has she. I say this because guide dog schools, usually, make
sure you have cane travel skills before giving you a dog. This person, by
the way, has a dog, so theoretically can travel, and yet… Oh and did I
mention the people with mobility impairments that use fixed route busses.
So again, to those of you who think blind people can’t get around, bite

The issue of whether blindness even should qualify you, without other
extenuating circumstances, for paratransit service is for another time.
The biggest point is, he didn’t even seem to think it was possible for a
blind person to do it. It was just brushed aside like it wasn’t even an